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Writer TSUJI Masaki
Broadcaster TBS
On Air date[1965/5/13]
Broadcasting times [19]
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Mirai Kara Kita Shonen Supa Jetta、 Super Jetter—The Boy from the Future It is the 30th century. The Time Bureau has been established to manage and protect time. Jetter、 a boy who belongs to the Bureau’s Time Patrollers、 has an unexpected accident while pursuing the criminal Jaguar. Jetter and Jaguar are transported a millennium back to the 20th century.In the 20th century、 Jetter receives a request from Secretary Saigo of the International Science Bureau of Investigation and、 working together with a female photographer Kaoru Mizushima、 goes after Jaguar who has escaped to the era and also solves many cases using the power of future science technology. Jetter flies to the scene on Ryusei-go、 an accelerator flying car equipped with artificial intelligence and a time travel function. Jetter’s catchphrase、 “Ryusei-go、 respond! Ryusei-go、 respond!” that he always used when calling for Ryusei-go with his transceiver watch became popular among children at the time.Broadcast in 1965、 Super Jetter is well known for the playwrights involved in its production、 including Yasutaka Tsutsui、 Taku Mayumura、 Aritsune Toyota、 and Ryo Hanmura、 who later became famous science fiction writers.The series consisted of 52 episodes and was later developed into a movie version. TV Tokyo decided to export the series after TV broadcasting ended、 which led to a color remake of the black and white version and a rerun .
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