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Writer YOSIOKA Takao
Broadcaster TOKYO MX、+ETC
On Air date[2017/3/19]
Broadcasting times 11
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Sub Genre Fantasy
Screens version after recording script
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Demi-chan wa Kataritai、 Interviews with Monster Girls Ajin、 demi-humans whose nature is completely different from that of humans、 were long discriminated against by humans as monsters or specters in myths and fairy tales. However、 they are now integrated into human society as their unique nature is widely accepted. Nevertheless、 Ajin are still in a weak position in society due to their uniqueness. Humans develop a welfare system for them and start to affectionately call them Demi.Tetsuo Takahashi、 a biology teacher at Shibasaki High School、 has been interested in Ajin since he was a student、 but hardly had an opportunity to meet them. However、 when a new school year begins and some female Ajin students enter the school、 it transforms Tetsuo’s life.He meets Hikari Takanashi、 an anemic friendly vampire、 Kyoko Machi、 a dullahan whose head and body are separate、 and Yuki Kusakabe、 a snow woman who cannot tolerate high temperature and is susceptible to heatstroke. Also、 Sakie Sato、 a succubus mathematics teacher who has never had a boyfriend in her life、 comes to teach at the school. Tetsuo spends hectic days at the school with these Demis. While spending such days、 Tetsuo gradually embraces Ajin’s existence as he faces their daily problems as a teacher.This anime television series was created by A-1 Pictures and aired on stations such as AT-X and Tokyo MX from 2017. The original Interviews with Monster Girls is a fantasy school comedy manga series by Petos、 which started serialization in Monthly Young Magazine in 2015.
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