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'Home Drama'
Writer FUJIMOTO Nobuyuki
Broadcaster Fuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.
On Air date[1990/12/2]
Broadcasting times 37
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Sub Genre Home Drama
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan、 My Daddy Long LegsThe 13-year-old Judy Abbot has been raised at the John Grier Home. The day of her departure from the orphanage is near、 so she attends a screening meeting for selecting orphans who can receive aid to go to high school. However、 Judy makes the councilors angry at the meeting. Judy is very disappointed、 but she manages to enroll in a boarding school called Lincoln Memorial High School thanks to a councilor who liked her written apology. The delighted Judy wants to know who it was who chose her、 but all she learns is his pseudonym “John Smith.” Moreover、 she is required to write a letter to him once every month. Judy happens to catch a glimpse of John Smith from behind and names him “Daddy Long Legs” from his appearance. Judy enjoys a great school life at Lincoln Memorial High School with her roommates and friends、 but she conceals that she is from an orphanage. Still keeping her secret、 Judy falls in love with Jervis、 the uncle of her roommate Julia Rutledge Pendleton、 but is hesitant to confess her feelings for him because she feels guilty about hiding her orphan background. However、 Judy realizes that hiding her past is wrong and reveals it before everyone at the graduation ceremony. Judy、 who manages to overcome her sense of inferiority、 learns that the identity of her Daddy Long Legs is none other than Jervis. Judy marries Jervis、 her benefactor and the one she loves、 and lives happily ever after.
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