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Writer SASAKI Mamoru
Broadcaster NipponTV
On Air date1968/4/13
Broadcasting times 3
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Kyojin no Hoshi、 Star of the GiantsEver since his he was young、 Hyuma Hoshi has been trained very intensely by his father、 a former professional baseball player who played in the Giants、 to become a Giants player. Part of this almost obsessive training by his father involves use of the “Major League Training Plaster Cast、” by which a series of expanders are fixed to Hyuma’s entire body. Refining his natural talent through the trainings、 Hyuma wins second place in the National High School Baseball Championship . However、 since he does not receive an offer from the Giants、 he takes the rookie test and joins the team. The “Major League Ball” that Hyuma later developed together with his high school friend Chuta Ban becomes a legendary curveball. Major League Ball No.2、 i.e.、 the Disappearing Miracle Ball、 is likely one of the most memorable pitches. It gained memorable status among not only baseball fans but also viewers in general at the time of broadcasting.Even after Hyuma joins the Giants、 Mitsuru Hanagata and Samon Hosaku、 who have been Hyuma’s rivals since his High School Championship days、 appear before him as members of other professional baseball teams. Later in the series、 Hyuma’s excessive training since childhood and throwing of Major League Balls start to take a toll on his shoulder. To make things worse、 his father Ittestsu becomes the batting coach for Chunichi、 and his friend Chuta Ban is traded to Chunichi. Hyuma、 who is now forced to fight alone、 throws Major League Ball No.3、 his last miracle ball. His shoulder is consequently severely damaged、 making it impossible for him to serve as a pitcher anymore. In any case、 Hyuma certainly became the “Star of the Giants” during his professional career、 and it is undeniable that he created many actual professional baseball fans、 regardless of whether they were baseball enthusiasts or not.
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