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Writer YOSHIKURA Seiichirou
Broadcaster Fuji Television Network、 inc
On Air date1965-1966/Unknown/Unknown
Broadcasting times 41
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Screens version final manuscript
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Yusei Shonen Papi、 Prince PlanetPapi is sent from the planet Cliffton to Earth、 a conflict-ridden planet in the solar system. He has two missions: to maintain peace on Earth、 and to find his mother who is sure to be living somewhere out there in space. Papi arrives on Earth as an ordinary-looking boy. However、 when an incident occurs、 he says the words “Pe、 Papi!” to the pendent he always wears around his neck and changes into warrior mode. Those assisting Papi include his girlfriend Rico、 the magician Ajababa、 and the former wrestler Strong. Papi’s enemies include the science ninja Kiritobi、 Emperor Golem of the planet Necro、 and other extraterrestrial characters、 as well as numerous Earthling villains. Prince Planet garnered huge support as the first life-size boy hero animation created in Japan.Before its broadcast、 a questionnaire involving ten thousand boys and girls living in Tokyo was conducted via the newspaper. The characters and setting were decided based on the questionnaire、 making the series one of the early examples of a viewer-participative type of animation.In parallel with the broadcast show、 Prince Planet appeared as a serial comic in the Shonen、 a monthly magazine for boys、 gaining popularity among children who did not have access to TV broadcasts. The series was produced by TCJ、 the predecessor of the studio currently known as Eiken.
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