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Writer ASAKURA Chifude
Broadcaster TV Asahi
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times [22]
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Screens version final manuscript
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Uchu Densetsu Yurisi-zu 31 (Ulysse 31)Far in the future in 31st century、 Ulysse、 captain of a spaceship Odysseus、 and his son Télémaque escort emigrants to a planet Troy. On their way back、 they encounter a monster called Cyclope and beat it off.As Cyclope is a creature made by Poseidon、 God of the sea、 Ulysse、 incurring the wrath of God、 is thrown out to another universe called Olympus.Ulysse explores various unknown planets in Olympus to find the way back to the Earth.He overcomes many challenges given by gods、 having contact with many people including a girl named Yumi whom Ulysse is acquainted with in the course of exploring、 sometimes being hostile to some of them.This is TV animation series produced by former Tokyo Movie Shinsha Co.、 Ltd. (currently TMS Entertainment、 Co. Ltd.) in Japan collaborating with DIC Entertainment in France. It is a space fantasy depicting a future world in 31st century derived from the “Odyssey、” an epic about an ancient Greek hero、 Ulysses.This series with 26 episodes titled Ulusse 31 was broadcast from 1981 in France and was on sale in Japan in 1986 in a form of OVA (original video animation).During broadcasting in France、 it was highly esteemed by Le Figaro、 which is the oldest daily newspaper in France、 as its theme song in French recorded sales of 1、150 thousand copies and toys related to this series became very popular.This Uchu Densetsu Yurisi-zu 31 is a posthumous work of Tadao Nagahama、 a director famous for Kyojin no Hoshi and Berusaiyu no Bara、 as he died during the production.
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