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Writer TAJIMA ShozoOONO Ryuuichi
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times 10
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Foreign Animation
Sub Genre Fantasy
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis AquamanAquaman is a superhero who appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics. He is the son of Atlanna、 the queen of the underwater city of Atlantis. He is an amphibious man who can communicate with all sea life by telepathy. The best part of the story is the action in which Aquaman cooperates with different sea life through his calls. Atlantis is submerged on the sea floor、 and the residents are aquamen like him. In the anime、 he is attacked countless times by enemies called villains、 but he protects Atlantis with a partner、 Aqualad、 and other sea life.King Orm of Atlantis tries to kill sea life and initiate a war. Aquaman acquires a trident、 a legendary weapon、 and confronts and beats Orm. With this as a starting point、 Aquaman is recognized by sea life and becomes the real king of Atlantis. However、 this does not mean Aquaman is a completely invulnerable hero. He was once attacked by vermian humanoids and captured、 but he kills villains through his bonds with his companions、 such as by using his telepathy to ask his companion、 Storm、 for support、 and to request the cooperation of whales in the ocean. Aquaman is also featured in the live action 2018 American superhero movie. This was the sixth movie in the DC Extended Universe series、 which handles live-action films by DC Comics as a group of crossover works with the same world view.
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