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Writer HAYASHI KumikoTSUJI Masaki
Broadcaster TV TOKYO
On Air date[1981/9/2]
Broadcasting times 27
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Hyakujuou GoraionCivilization of earth has been wiped out due to the Third World War. Suddenly、 a spaceship comes to earth、 bringing with it half-beast invaders calling themselves people of the Galra Empire.The Galra Empire abducts Akira Kogane and four other boys、 all survivors of the war.Learning that the Galra Empire brutally rules over the whole universe、 Kogane and his friends take the spaceship and、 as if led by mysterious light、 end up in Altea、 a kingdom that had been destroyed by the Galra Empire. Princess Fala、 who was hiding there、 gives the boys five lion-shaped robots to defeat the Galra Empire.The five robots are actually parts of Golion、 a machine that had gone on a rampage and consequently been divided into five parts by the Goddess of the Universe.The five robots join together to restore Golion to its former form、 and Kogane and his friends use Golion’s powers to take on the mighty Galra Empire.During their hard fight、 the boys meet many new friends and are sometimes separated from them、 but ultimately they defeat Emperor Daibazaal of the Galra Empire and restore peace to the universe.Katsushi Murakami、 also known for his work in Urutoraman 80 (Ultraman 80) and Kidou Senshi Z Gandamu (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)、 directed the mechanical designs、 and the series had a big impact on subsequent works featuring robots.The series is popular abroad: a reedited version called Lion Force Voltron was broadcast in the U.S. in 1984、 and a reboot animation named Voltron: Legendary Defender was distributed online in 2016.
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