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Writer TSUJI Masaki
Broadcaster Nagoya Broadcasting Network
On Air date[1969]/Unknown/Unknown
Broadcasting times 45
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Roppou Yaburekun (Shoji)Roppou Yaburekun is an animation series based on Sen Saga’s Minpou Nyumon (Introduction to Law Series; published by Kobunsha Co.、 Ltd.).This series portrays the various cases that the protagonist Roppou Yaburekun encounters in daily life with a comical touch. Each five-minute episode covers scenes in daily life relating to the six law codes、 and a total of 110 episodes were broadcast as educational animation programs.Episode titles are taken from the actual provisions of the Civil Code dealt with in each episode、 with each one portraying fictitious cases that Roppou Yaburekun gets embroiled in.The main plot is as follows: Roppou Yaburekun encounters civil-law related cases arising from daily troubles and problems、 and these are portrayed in drama-style. After solving the cases、 the actual provisions of the Civil Code are shown on the screen、 accompanied by the narrator’s voice. Then、 the narrator offers a summary of the provisions、 and the epilogue ensues.As it focuses on actual Civil Code provisions、 the series is not only intended as a didactic program for children、 but also involves cases where the protagonist Roppou Yaburekun suffers losses due to the provisions of the law.The series was the first animation that Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.、 Ltd. produced independently and also the first late-night animation created by a non-flagship station.
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