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Writer TAKAKU Susumu
Broadcaster Fuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.
On Air date1977/12/4
Broadcasting times 11
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Sub Genre Sports
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Ippatsu Kanta-kunKanta Tobase is the third son of a large family living in an old town. He is a mischievous and somewhat careless boy、 but has a strong sense of justice. Kanta admires his late father who used to be a professional baseball player、 and dreams of becoming one himself like his father. However、 since Kyutaro was killed in an accident during a baseball match、 Kanta’s mother Kumiko hates baseball and does not let any of her children play it. Kanta passionately persuades his mother to let him play baseball and、 succeeding、 forms a sandlot baseball team called the Tobase Homers.After that、 Kumiko modifies her ramen noodle truck into the Homerun Car、 a facility for practicing baseball、 becomes the team’s coach、 and devotes herself to training with her children. Kumiko trains her eldest son Ichiro、 who is a tall、 timid、 and cool-headed、 as the pitcher、 and appoints her second son Jiro、 who is of large build and broad-hearted、 to the position of catcher. In addition to them、 Kumiko chooses her fourth son Shiro、 who is earnest and hardworking、 her eldest daughter Itsuko、 who is a tomboy、 her second daughter Mutsuko、 who is a family girl、 her fifth son Shichiro、 who is a show-off、 her sixth son Yokichi、 who is a spoiled crybaby、 and their pet dog Yakyu-jubei to play in a team of nine、 made up of eight people and one dog. The team plays against various baseballs teams in town and eventually manages to advance to the Junior Grass League、 a sandlot baseball tournament for only teams that do not belong to the junior league.The Homers choose Kanta as the cleanup hitter and play against many rival teams in an effort to win the tournament. Sometimes the members of the team enjoy an everyday life full of familial love、 while other times they grow through discussing their conflicting views as members of one family and team. The team finally advances to the final and wins the tournament.While being a baseball animation、 the series features a family team made up of siblings and managed by their mother、 exhibiting many elements of family drama of a large family、 exemplified in scenes such as the one where Kanta gets into a slump and his family helps him.
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