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*Collection in one volume
Writer TSUTSUI Tomomi
Broadcaster Fuji Television Network、 inc
On Air date[1983/5/6]
Broadcasting times 48
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Patariro!、 Patalliro!The tropical island kingdom of Malynera boasts one of the world’s largest and most productive diamond mines. Patalliro VIII is the king of this small but wealthy nation. Other countries are constantly after the wealth of his paradise-like kingdom. Patarillo、 however、 protects his kingdom well: his vitality is as strong as that of a cockroach、 he has mastered 18 types of martial arts、 and he is equipped with a super brain that enabled him to graduate university at only nine years old. But in terms of appearance、 Patarillo is anything but smart: he looks like a man in his forties. Moreover、 he suffers from numerous lifestyle diseases. The MI6 agent Jack Bancoran is in charge of protecting Patarillo VIII、 and has been responsible for the king’s protection since he was still a price. In contrast to Patarillo、 Bancoran is a handsome young man、 but he is not interested in women at all and loves pretty boys. This odd pair—the handsome、 top-notch agent Bancoran and the middle aged looking Patarillo who’s actually only nine years old—defend the Kingdom of Malynera from various evil organizations. A popular feature of the animation version was the “Cook Robin Song” that characters sang and danced to for no particular reason.The original version is the longest work in the comedy shojo manga category、 reaching volume 101 in 2019.Partly due to the long duration of the series、 the author has had to change some of the lines in line with changes over the years.A fan book commemorating the 40th anniversary of publication was released in 2018、 and plans were announced for the production of a live-action movie version in the following year. Patarillo! continues to garner attention.
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