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Writer TAKAYAMA Kiichi
Broadcaster Fuji Television Nippon Educational Televisionwork、 Inc.
On Air date[1982/7/17]
Broadcasting times 24[23]
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Sub Genre Robot/Mecha
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Gyakuten IppatsumanTime Lease is an industry leader that always ranks among the highest in the international corporation ranking. The company launches the Time Courier Business that enables customers to send packages to different periods in time、 whether past or future.The chairman of Skull Lease、 Time Lease’s competitor、 orders three executives of the Osteandel Northern Branch to obstruct Time Courier deliveries.Sokkyu Go、 a mechanic working at Time Lease、 is gifted with supernatural powers、 and he transforms into Ippatsuman and goes to the rescue when the three executives of Skull Lease、 who have transformed into the Clean Aku Trio 、 try to obstruct a Time Courier delivery.Ippatsuman wields the Rain Ball、 a baseball-shaped weapon that he can manipulate freely with his psychic powers、 and the Gyakuten Bat、 which enables him to hit back and defend against enemy projectile attacks、 among other weapons、 and successfully repulses the persistent Clean Aku Trio.Other characters include Ran Homu、 a pilot of a dinosaur-type Time Courier robot who、 while being fond of Go、 suspects that the true identity of Ippatsuman is none other than Go、 Haruka Hoshi、 who has supernatural powers like Ippatsuman and always helps him、 Harubo、 who is supportive of Ran’s love for Go、 and 2-3、 the copilot of the Time Courier vehicle. Together with them and other friends、 Ippatsuman confronts Skull Lease and its chairman Con Cordo that conspire to disrupt Time Lease’s business.It is revealed that Skull Lease was created by aliens who planned to prevent Earthlings from expanding into space、 obtain Time Lease’s psychic robot technology、 and eliminate Ippatsuman、 but Ippatsuman foils their evil plan.
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