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Writer YOSIOKA Takao
Broadcaster (BS11)
On Air dateUnknown
Broadcasting times 11
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Screens version after recording script
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Senran KaguraNinjas、 who have secretly supported and protected the country since all the way back in the Sengoku period、 now have become a hidden presence in society.The prestigious mammoth school in Asakusa、 Tokyo、 known as Hanzo National Academy、 or Hanzo for short、 is also a secret organization for training ninjas called Zennin (good shinobi). On the other hand、 at the Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy、 a group of ninjas are trained to become Akunin (evil shinobi) who would go on to secretly work for the benefit of corrupt politicians and black-market corporations against the Zennin.In order to protect the world from these Akunins、 the Zennin girls train hard every day. One of such Zennin girls is Asuka、 who has decided to become an excellent Zennin and fight evil for justice、 devotes her youth to sharpening her shinobi skills with love and courage. She、 along with Katsuragi、 Yagyu、 Hibari、 Daidoji and others、 who are fellow kunoichis (female ninjas) aiming to become Zennin、 throws herself into harsh battles and grow as a ninja in the process、 in order to protect the world from the threat of the Akunins.This anime television series、 which revolves around kunoichi、 was produced by Animation Studio Artland and broadcast on AT-X、 BS11 and other stations from 2013. It is based on the bishojo (cute girl) fighting action game Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows released in 2011 by Marvelous Entertainment (now Marvelous) exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. Numerous productions of this series have been released on various contents and game hardware and have gained immense popularity.
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