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Writer FUJITA Shinzo
Broadcaster TV TOKYO Corporation
On Air date[2020/10/11]
Broadcasting times 124
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Sub Genre Sports
Screens version after recording script
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Pazudora、 Puzzle x Dragons At a stadium where the tournament of the megahit game Puzzle & Dragons (Puzdra) is being held、 Taiga Akashi sells takoyaki octopus balls at a stand. Suddenly、 a monster who looks like a tiger and cat、 named Toragon、 appears in front of him. Finding that Taiga has a strong soul、 Toragon asks him to become his partner. Taiga accepts the offer and starts Puzdra、 thinking the participation would promote his takoyaki business. But later、 Taiga decides to become a professional Puzdra gamer、 while building a bond with Toragon and others and engaging in battles with rivals.In a qualifying game of the Puzdra tournament Challenge Cup、 Taiga meets Shin Kanzaki、 a talented player called the boy chosen by God. Taiga is defeated by Shin、 who uses high gaming skills and even the ability of hypnosis. However、 Taiga uses the defeat to motivate himself、 passes the preliminary round and advances to the final round. Taiga wins severe battles and then faces Shin again in the final game. As Shin demonstrates his superpower、 Taiga is driven into a corner and nearly gives up. But cheered up by his partner Toragon and other friends、 Taiga finally beats Shin. Then he begins his carrier as a professional gamer.This anime series is an esports anime created by Studio Pierrot based on the smartphone game app Puzzle & Dragons and its spinoff Puzzle & Dragons Battle distributed by GungHo Online Entertainment. The manga version by Momota Inoue who designed the original game characters was also serialized in the monthly magazine CoroCoro Comic. Five volumes of the comics have been published.
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