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'Science Fiction' Action
Writer SATSUKI Jun
Broadcaster TBS HOLDINGS、 INC.
On Air date[1965-1967]/Unknown/Unknown
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Sub Genre Science Fiction ,  Action
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis Uchu Shonen Soran、 Space Boy Soran Doctor Tachibana is the inventor of the antiproton bomb. In order to prevent this technology from being used for evil ends、 he、 along with his wife and children 、 flees into space with his research data. However、 the family has an accident in space.Wanting to at least save his son、 Doctor Tachibana puts him in a space capsule and lets him escape.After drifting around in space、 Tachibana’s son is found and raised by aliens from the planet of Soran and is named Soran after the planet. Since gravity on the planet of Soran is 15 times greater than that on earth、 Soran becomes a cyborg to survive in the environment. Soran later learns that he has an older sister from whom he was separated. He returns to earth with Chappy、 a space squirrel that can communicate with humans.After returning、 Soran meets the archaeologist Doctor Kotsuki and his daughter Mika and starts living with them. Soran comes across and solves many difficult cases while searching for his missing sister. He uses the cyborg powers he acquired on the planet of Soran to fight against formidable enemies、 including the Myu、 a new human race whose members wield supernatural powers、 the space demon Gorona、 and the super positronic brain Guyver. He at last manages to reunite with his missing sister. Soran finds out that the hidden design plans of the antiprotonic bomb are revealed when the pendant he got from his father and his sister’s pendant are put together. He destroys the data forever and goes back to the planet of Soran with his sister.First airing in 1965、 the long series lasted for eight seasons. A movie version was released in the same year.
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