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Writer TSUJI Masaki
Broadcaster Fuji Television Network、 inc
On Air date[1970/10/5]
Classification Scripts
Media TV
Genre Animation
Transfer destination Stored in warehouse
Synopsis NorakuroNorakuro is a solitary stray dog. He’s black and white、 with big eyes and a friendly personality. A comic serial created by Suiho Tagawa、 Norakuro had been popular even before World War II.After the war、 an animation adaptation of Norakuro was created in the 1970s.The story revolves around Norakuro joining the Fierce Dog Regiment、 a canine army、 and training hard every day together with Regiment Leader Bull、 Squadron Leader Mole、 Deka、 and many other of his canine companions.At first、 Norakuro is not good at handling firearms and fails repeatedly in his training. Gradually、 however、 he gets used to life in the army.Since Nurakuro’s life is based around the army、 the animation version features an original character named Miko、 a female dog working as a military nurse.Enemies of the Fierce Dog Regiment include the Monkey Army、 Gorilla Army、 and Chimpanzee Army、 among which the Monkey Army is the most frequent adversary. As the animation version was basically a postwar creation、 its martial element was toned down、 and episodes focus on Norakuro’s training in the Fierce Dog Regiment and the solving of everyday problems. With his natural positive attitude、 Norakuro solves various cases and deepens the bond with his companions.The series was later remade as Norakuro-kun、 which depicts the everyday life of people and dogs coexisting in a non-military setting.All episodes of the animation version Norakuro from the 1970s were finally made available in video format in 2016.
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